Our Legacy
and Mission

Founded in 2005 by Ravi Chachra, Eight Capital has navigated through various cycles of innovation, managing over $500 million across different investment strategies.

Our genesis for venture investing was marked by a commitment to not just participate in the tech ecosystem but to actively shape its future. With a heritage rooted in the Y Combinator ecosystem, we leverage our unique insights and extensive network to empower tech startups aiming for unprecedented heights.

Investment Philosophy

At the heart of Eight Capital's strategy lies a deep understanding of the critical drivers of startup success: founder-market fit, deep domain expertise, and the potential for significant revenue opportunities. Our approach is holistic, recognizing that true innovation transcends boundaries. We invest in visionaries—entrepreneurs with the ambition and insight to redefine their industries and the world around them.

Why Partner with Us?

In addition to our rich history and strategic advantage, Eight Capital offers startups more than capital. We provide a partnership that encompasses mentorship, access to a vast network, and strategic guidance to navigate the complex journey from inception to market leadership. Our portfolio is a testament to our commitment, featuring startups that have led the charge in revolutionizing AI, transforming the future of work, and beyond.

Connecting with Eight Capital

We welcome dialogue with visionary founders and strategic investors who share our passion for groundbreaking innovation. Whether you're seeking investment or partnership, Eight Capital is your gateway to a future defined by ambition and success. Contact us to discover how we can achieve greatness together.